A not for Profit Society
Now in our 18th year!
It's Official, by Presiderntial proclimation on 1 August 2022, that the 2nd "R" in ARRG.US, also stands for Reflector!
(At least this one was planned that way)

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We meet every Wednesday Morning at Culver's 9:30AM
(3148 North Orange Blosom Trail KISSIMMEE, FL )

Club Constitution / By-Laws
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Home of the
N4ARG Repeaters

The 444.450 N4ARG B is Dual Mode
Analog - DSTAR
N4ARG B is linked to DCS102 B

The 147.210 N4ARG is Analog only

We also host and maintain the following
XLX multi-protocol reflectors.
Join the Facebook group.The ARRG.US array.

All reflectors IN THE ARRAY have 26 nodes (modules), please use "D" for DMR connections C4FM (YSF) connections are auto directed to "Y" There isn't any transcoding on the NODES.

All nodes are for DCS - DEXtra - DPlus with seamless audio for these 3 protocols.

All reflectors are also G3 Terminal / AP enabled.

XLX from some devices will actually connect to DCS for DSTAR. Enable XLX Master on Pi-Star and Use any reflector as DMR Master please choose D as start up module.

All reflecctors can be accessed using DCSxxx - REFxxx - or XRFxxx Use reflector descriptor in place of xxx.

The following nodes also have a PEANUT connection:
On DCS102 "B" is the Hangout or call channel.

Node "E" is reserved and Dedicated to the Osceola County (FL) EMCAT operations (Emergency Management Communications Assitance Team)

Node "S" (Skegness) Is reserved for and dedicated to all things, ragchew, conflabs et al in the East Midlands of England. All licensed Radio Hams Welcome too.

Node "W" Central Florida Weather Watch (mostley a place to chat during storms as we hide under our beds as our antennas are disconntected and using our HT's and HotSpots.).

Node "X" has been set up and reserverd for General Rag Chew.

All licensed Amateur Radio operators are welcome*. Check out the dashboards to see who is on! Call someone on the list.

XLX000 - YSF 18145
*Closed Reflector, please e-mail xlx at xlxrefecltor.us for admission.
XLX100 - YSF 74096
XLX101- YSF 39444
XLX102 - YSF 51478 The ARRG.US Array Anchor, ARRG.US members and friends hangout on "B".
XLX103 Hosted for the Manitoulin Radio Club Sponsored by VE3OLC
Now with Peanut connection to Node "B"
XLX104 - YSF 37102 Serving our friends in Newton - DeKalb - Cobb - Gwinnett - Appling counties of Georgia. on "C"
*Closed Reflector, please e-mail xlx at xlxrefecltor.us for admission.

XLXARG - YSF 30906
XLXZZZ - YSF 92093

A Page with all of our XLXREFLECTOR and Repeaters dashboards listed can be found here. This is a live page that is connected to the data base that the reflectors report to.






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and all things that are "FM"
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